Bienvenue à la classe de Mme Greig


                     Bienvenue à tous les éleves!




                                         I am delighted to begin the 2017/2018 school year with you in my class.

Our classroom setting is relaxed and you are all encouraged to ask questions,


make comments and suggestions. My personal goal is to make your


learning experience a very enjoyable one and a class that you will look


forward to attend each day. To everyone, welcome !


Mme Greig

1 Python Path

Osprey, Fl 34229


                                                   Schedule 2017-2018

Period 3: French 6th grade

Period 4: Planning

Period 5: French 6th grade
Period 6: French 6th grade

Period 7: Lunch
Period 8: French 6th grade

Period 9: French 2nd grade