French homework (DEVOIRS)


First week of school - du 13 au 17 août


lundi (Monday):  Bienvenue!

Montrer le programme aux parents.

Show course expectations letter to parents and sign it. Due: Wednesday.


mardi (Tuesday) Bring in your signed slip by your parent/guardian and yourself regarding the course information for this class. This will be entered as a homework grade.

Go to the following link to learn about "La Francophonie".


mercredi (Wednesday): Practice " l'alphabet français".



jeudi (Thursday): Review and write out numbers in French ( 0-30).


vendredi (Friday): Go to the links to practice the alphabet and pronunciation



Week 2- du 20 au 24 août


lundi: Finish French map, color and label. Include major cities, rivers, mountain ranges and oceans.

mardi: Finish graphic organizer. Include famous people, places of interest, important cities and monuments.

mercredi: Study for quiz:  the French alphabet and accent marks,numbers 0-30, and basic commands.

jeudi: Finish graphic organizer

vendredi: Watch tips on pronunciation video

 Tips on pronunciation:


week 3 - du 27 au 31 août

lundi: Watch tips on pronunciation video and do cahier d'activités workbook pg.1-2

Tips on pronunciation:

mardi: Do activities # 12 and 13 from textbook. Practice song and watch video on pronunciation again.

Greetings song:

mercredi: Study for quiz on  Géoculture - L' Île- de -France (Pg 1-3)

jeudi: Do cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire workbook pg.1-2  and study dialogue for presentation tomorrow.

vendredi: Do cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 3-4 and start studying for quiz next Thursday : Vocabulaire 1  (pg 6-11)


week 4 - du 4 au 7 septembre


mardi:  cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 5

mercredi: study for quiz tomorrow vocabulaire 1 pg. 12-15

jeudi: cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg.6

vendredi: cahier d’activités Pg. 3 and copy vocabulaire 2 pg.35 on textbook


week 5 - du 10 au 14 septembre


lundi: cahier d’activités Pg. 4 and complete copying vocabulaire 2 if you have not.

mardi: cahier d'activités pg. 5 and cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 7

mercredi: Interro demain . Study grammaire 1 pg. 12-15 and Culture pg. 16-17

jeudi: memorize "Le Serment"

vendredi: Start memorizing, typing and transalating the poem "septembre" and watch the following links on feminine and masculine nouns in French :

How to tell if a noun is masculine or feminine:

5 easy tips on how to identify feminine and masculine words in French:

Gender of french words:


week 6 - du 17 au 21 septembre


lundi: no homework

mardi: cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 8-10

mercredi: Study for quiz : vocabulaire 2 (Pg.18-23 et pg. 35) and cahier d'activités pg.6 and activity #22 pg.9.

jeudi: Copy charts on pg. 24 and 26 for Monday.

vendredi: no homework


week 7 - du 24 au 28 septembre


lundi: Cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 11-12

mardi: Cahier d'd'activités pg. 7-8 and activity #21 on pg.9

mercredi: Study for quiz  "grammaire 2" pg. 24-27

jeudi: Study for poem "septembre" recitation



week 8 - du 1er au 5 octobre

lundi:  Finish ex. 1-7 from textbook pg.32-33

mardi: cahier d'activités pg. 10

mercredi: Study for Ch1 unit test

jeudi: copy  Ch2 vocabulaire 1 (French/ English) pg. 69 on notebooks. Make sure that you separate masculine and feminin nouns and verbs.

vendredi: No homework


week 9- du 8 au 12 octobre

lundi:  cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 13-14

mardi: cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg.15 et cahier d'activités pg. 11

mercredi: Study for quiz : Ch.2 vocabulaire 1


vendredi: cahier d'activités pg. 12


week 10- du 15 au 19 octobre

lundi:  cahier d'activités pg. 13

link to review "ER" verb conjugation


mardi: cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg.16-17

mercredi: quiz moved to Monday. Do worksheet

jeudi: Do worksheet

vendredi: professional day

Study for quiz Ch.2 grammaire 1

Review links:



"ER" verbs in the present tense:


week 11 - du 22 au 26 octobre

lundi:Cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 18

        Memorize dialogue for Friday

mardi:Complete worksheet

mercredi: Study for quiz

jeudi: Memorize dialogue

vendredi: Copy ¨vocabulaire 2¨ Pg. 69 (French and English) in your notebooks.

Memorize poem"octobre" for Wednesday


week 12 - du 29 octobre au 2 novembre


lundi: cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 19- 20

mardi: cahier d'activités pg. 14-15 and memorize poem

mercredi: no homework

jeudi: Study for quiz Ch. 2 vocabulaire 2

vendredi: cahier de grammaire et vocabulaire pg. 21/22


week 13 - du 5 novembre au 9 novembre


lundi: cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 23

mardi: Cahier d'activités pg.16 and 17

mercredi: Study for quiz Ch. 2 Grammaire 2

jeudi: Textbook Act 1-7 (pg.66-67 )

vendredi: Textbook Act .1-7 is due Monday


week 14 - du 12 novembre au 16 novembre

lundi:  Cahier de grammaire et vocabulaire pg.24

mardi: Textbook act 37,38,39 Pg. is due Thursday. 

            Prepare your presentation: due tomorrow.

mercredi:Textbook Act. 37,38,39

jeudi: memorize poem and study words

vendredi: no homework


week 16 - du 26  novembre au 30 novembre

lundi: Cahier d'activités  pg. 18

mardi: Cahier d'activités  pg. 19-20

mercredi: study for Ch. 2 unit quiz

jeudi:  Make a graphic organizer of pages 72-75. Include places,sports,events,historical figures and food. Also, make a map of Québec (pg.73) include the provinces surrounding Québec; the bodies of water located around the province and locate Québec and Montreal city on the map.

vendredi: Copy vocabulaire 1 pg. 107


week 17 - du 3 au 7 décembre

lundi: Cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pp. 25-27

mardi: Cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pp. 28-27

mercredi: Study  Ch3- Geoculture Pg.72-75 "La Province de Québec"

jeudi: Cahier d'activité pg. 21-22

vendredi: No homework


week 17 - du 10 au 14 décembre

Go to the follwing links to practice the vocabulary and grammar concepts of Ch 3 vocabulaire 1 and grammaire 1


Bonnes fêtes et meilleurs voeux pour le Nouvel An!


week 20 - du 7 au 11 janvier

lundi: cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 30

mardi: copy "vocabulaire 2" pg.107 and bring a picture to class.

mercredi: Study for quiz Ch.3  pg.78-87  (Grammaire1- Application 1)

jeudi: No homework

vendredi: Cahier d'activités pg. 25


week 21 - du 14 au 18 janvier

lundi: Textbook pg. 92 Activity #22 and 23

mardi: cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 31- 32

mercredi: cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire pg. 33-35

jeudi: cahier d'activités pg.26-27

vendredi: no homework