Spanish 6th grade homework (TAREA)


Week 1- Primera semana del curso - 13 al 17 de agosto


lunes (Monday):  Bienvenidos!

Today I pased out the course expectations letter . I collected material donations forh the class. I assigned seats. I introduced myself and explained the class expectations.

tarea: Show course expectations letter to parents and sign it. Due: Wednesday.


martes (Tuesday): I continued collecting donations.Thank you for the donations of $15 .

I will make the final seating chart. We went over my webpage and I assigned a song on the Spanish speaking countries and their capitals.

The written test will be next Thursday.

tarea: Practice the countries and capitals song and finish filling in the map and coloring  each country with a different color .Bring in your signed slip by your parent/guardian and yourself regarding the course information for this class. This will be entered as a homework grade.


miércoles (Wednesday): 

We corrected the maps of the Spanish speaking countries and their capitals with the answer sheet and practiced the song to learn them. Students have to able to place the correct name of the country and their capital on the quiz.

tarea: . Study the song of the countries and capitals.


jueves (Thursday):  We continued practicing the countries and their capitals  and introduced some basic vocabulary such as numbers, days of the week, months, colors, classroom items, greetings, adjectives ,expresssions and phrases.

tarea: Study the song of the countries /capitals


viernes: (Friday) We continued reviewing the countries /capitals and we started with the Pledge of Allegiance

in Spanish.

Tarea: Study countries and capitals of the Spanish speaking world .


Week 2- Segunda semana del curso -  20 al 24 de agosto


lunes: We reviewed the countries and their capitals with a song. We practiced the numbers 0-30. Students learned and copied in their notebooks some common greetings and farewells in Spanish ans a skit to be memorized for next Monday.

tarea: Study countries and capitals for practice quiz tomorrow. Memorize song of countries and capitals for Wednesday


martes: We did a practice quiz of the countries and capitals.  We reviewed  and practiced the correct pronunciation of the pledge in Spanish. We also practiced the  skit with partners.

tarea: Memorize song of countries and capitals for oral quiz.


miércoles: We corrected the quiz of countries and capitals. We mentioned the mistakes that will count against in the quiz, such as non capitalization, two words together, common mispelling errors. Students presented in pairs and  in front of the class the song of  countries and capitals.


jueves:  Today we had the test of Countries and capitals. We practiced the pledge and the skit.


viernes: We started our project of el Mundo Hispánico.

tarea:  Memorize the dialogue for next Friday and practice the pledge in Spanish. (Memorize for Thursday)


Week 3- Tercera semana del curso - 27-al 31 de agosto

lunes: Students learned about cognates and articles. We looked at cognates and false cognates in Spanish and English.We also practice the pledge of allegiance in Spanish.

tarea: watch the video on articles and take notes on it.


martes: We reviewed the articles in Spanish ,masculine and feminine words and exceptions to the rule.

tarea: Do activities B -F (pg. 12-15) and finish copying the vocabulary on pg. 21

miercoles: We reviewed the definite articles and gender of nouns. We corrected activities B-F. We also practiced the pledge and the alphabet song.

tarea: Do the crossword . Memorize alphabet song for Tuesday and pledge recitation for Wednesday.

Definite articles:

 Alphabet song:  s

jueves: We practiced the dialogue and the alphabet song. We did "Información Personal" on pg. 15 and we learned some greetings and common expressions . We also completed activity on pg. 17-18.

tarea: Study the dialogue.

viernes: Today students presented their dialogues and we practiced the alphabet song. After , students worked on their " El Mundo Hispano" project.

tarea: Study the alphabet song for Tuesday


Week 4 - Cuarta semana del curso - 4  al 7 de septiembre


martes: Alphabet song oral test. We reviewed greetings and did pages 16-18 on textbook.

tarea: Study the pledge (pg. 21). Quiz on "vocabulario Lección 1 "( Pg.1-21)  is on Thursday.

miércoles: Today students presented the pledge.(Oral test).We reviewed for L1 quiz - articles in Spanish, gender of nouns and L.1 vocabulary . Then students continued working on projects.

tarea:  start studying for L1 quiz

jueves: We reviewed the gender of nouns, L1. vocabulary words , greetings and common expressions. Students answered to questions on pg. 17 and 18. Also Students finalized projects to be presented tomorrow and next week.

Friday: The first two groups presented their projects. After , we discussed  "Cápsula cultural "on pages 19 and 20 from textbook. Students first worked in groups and discussed the article.Then, we discussed it as a class and answered the questions on pg. 20

tarea: Study pg. 3- 21 for L1 quiz on Monday. Go over typical masculine and feminine endings of nouns and some exceptions as well as the definite article"the" in Spanish (la) before feminin nouns and (el) before masculine nouns in the singular form.


Week 5 Quinta semana del curso - 10 al 14 de septiembre

lunes: We had L1. quiz. After, one group presented their project.

tarea: Copy vocabulary words on pg. 37.

martes: We went over the "family song" and started learning vocabulary related to the family . We did pg. 22-24. Twor groups presented their projects. I gave copies of the song to students to start memorizing the song.

tarea: Actividad C pg.25

Memorize the family song for next Monday.

Family song:

miércoles:We reviewed the family vocabulary, the family song and corrected act. A-C. We learned how to make nouns plural and over the articles"los" and 'las".

After, a group presented their project.

tarea: worksheet

jueves: Today we continued working with family vocabulary and plural of nouns . Two groups pesented their  "El mundo Hisapano"projects.

tarea: worksheet

viernes: Todfay was the last day to present projects. After the presrntations we corrected the homework.

tarea: memorize "La familia" song


Week 6 Sexta semana del curso - 17 al 21 de septiembre


lunes: "La familia" song is due today.  We watched  the family song video  again to practice the song. Then students presented the song with their shoulder parteners. We went over the vocabulary list of family members. We practiced making nouns plural. .

tarea: worksheet


martes: We finished with "La finished with "La familia song prentations. We corrected  homework  and Act. D and E  on pg. 29 and 30. We also watched a video on how to form plural of words.


tarea: Actividad F pg.31 and "Información personal" pg. 35.


miércoles: We corrected the homework.I modeled how the questions in "Información Personal "should have been answered. Then students used the questions to interview a classmate. For practice students did Ex. A , B , C , D, H and I from the worksheet provided. If it is not completed in class it becomes homework.

Study Guide:

-Articles "la,el,los,las" and know how to make nouns plural

-Family members vocabulary. Learn words from the list that I provided. You will need to know the correct spelling of  words since you will need to write them in Spanish.

-Extra -credit : Extra family vocabulary words and notes from presentations


jueves: After the quiz , we went over "Pronunciación" and "conversación" pg. 33. Students read, got in groups to translate  "Cápsula Cultural" on pg 36

tarea: complete Cápsula Cultural" on pg 36 if not finished in class and Tic tac Toe activities is due tomorrrow.


viernes:  I returned L2 quiz. We corrected the homework "Cápsula Cultural" on pg 36 ,questions on pg. 36- 37 and went over the vocabulary words of L3 Pg. 38 and 39 and corrected Act. A.

tarea: make flascards with illustrations for vocabulry words on pg. 51


Week 7 - 24 al 28 de septiembre

lunes:  We checked and corrected the paragraph (L3) on Pg 41 and activity B. We did Act. C and D (pg. 42-44).

Students got in pairs to translate the skit on L3 pg. 47.

tarea: finish translation of skit if not finished in class and watch the video on indefinite articles.

martes:  We corrected the translation of the skit and students practiced it with partners watching for proper pronunciation. We did activity D. Students had to list the objects in the classroom on their textbook.

tarea: Actividad E , read point 4 pg. 45 and do Act G and H. Study for L3 quiz and skit.

miercoles: We corrected the homework, did activity H on pg. 46 and reviewed for the quiz on L3 vocabulary.

tarea: Study for L3 quiz

jueves: After the quiz , students completed  the"diálogo" on pg 48 and información personal on pg. 49

tarea: study skit

viernes: Today students did L3 review activities, started translating "Cápsula cultural" and answering the questions on pg.50 of the textbook.

tarea: Make flascards for verbs and subject pronouns on pg. 76

Extra credit: Do questions on pg. 51


Week 8 - 1ero -5 de octubre


lunes: Skit was due today. We learned the subject pronouns in Spanish.

tarea: make flashcards for the vocabulary on L4.

prueba jueves :meaning of verbs and subject pronouns on pg.76

martes: We went over the subject pronouns in Spanish.I introduced the song on the subject pronouns. Students have to know the song by next Tuesday.  We practiced the song several times in class together. I taught the conjugation of AR verbs. We watch the video on AR verbs.Students did ACT B ,point 3 on page 55 and ACT C.

tarea: Go to the following links and take notes. Finish Act.C and Point #3 on page 55 if not done in class.

the Subject pronoun song is due: Tuesday


link to AR verb conjugation:

miércoles:  We corrected point 3 and Act. C. Students read and filled in pages 57 and 58 (points #4 ,5 and 6)

tarea: Study L4 meaning of verbs and subject pronouns on pg.76.

jueves: Today students had L4 quiz. After,we discussed "Cápsula cultural" on pg. 50. and answered the reading comprehension questions.

tarea: Act. E and F pg. 59 and Act G ,H pg. 60

viernes: We corrected homework and students did exercises up Act L on pg.65. Students had to translate pg. 61, Act.L  and point #8 on pg. 65/66.

tarea: Finished classwork if not done in class and practice "AR" song.



Week 9 - 8 al 12 de octubre


lunes:  DIA DE LA RAZA

Students watched a 5 min. animated short video to help them understand Columbus Day , when in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean and arrived to the Americas. Students had to take notes. Then they shared and discussed the notes with their peers and wrote a paragraph to share with the class.

After we corrected the homework and we learned how to make a negative sentence in Spanish. We did activity M and read point 9.

tarea: translate sentences of Act. M and memorize "AR" verb song.

martes: "AR" verb song was due today. After presentations of the song, students learned how to formulate a sentence. Students read point 9 and did activities N, O and P.


miércoles: Students practice "AR" verb conjugation and reviewed for the quiz. We corrected the homework and students started translating the skit on page 71. (They dont have to present the skit in this lesson, but they had to translate and practice the skit with their peers.) After , they filled the dialogue on Pg. 72

tarea: Finish dialogue on Pg. 72 if not finished in class. Study for quiz on L4 specially  "AR" verb conjugation.

jueves: We had L4 quiz. after the quiz, we corrected pg. 72 dialogue and students had to answer the questions on pg. 73 : "Preguntas personales" and "Info. personal". If not finished in class it becomes homework for Monday.

tarea: Finish classwork

viernes:  We corrected activity P, discussed the text "El secreto de Antonio" and answered questions in Actividad Q.

tarea: Translate " El secreto de Antonio" and do Actividad Q and Pg.73-74


Week 10 - 15 al 18 de octubre


lunes:  Today we reviewed the dialogues on pg.71-72 and we checked the questions on pg. 73 and 74. We also practice the question word song which is due next Friday. I handed out the lyrics of the song.

tarea: Actividad E y F pg. 83-84 and copy vocabulary L5 on pg. 101 on notebook

martes:  We reviewed  "Repaso I" on pg.77 and 78, did Act. B-D, corrected activities E and F on pg. 83/84 and started practicing the numbers zero - thirty.

link to number song 0-30 :

tarea: Do question #3 on pg. 74 and do Activities H - J pg. 92-93 . Study spelling of numbers.

miércoles: We practiced the spelling of numbers and did some basic math problems.

tarea: Study for quiz. Numbers 0-30

jueves: After the quiz ,the class started watching the movie "El Dorado" which goes with our culture section on L4. We read "El Dorado" leyend of "CAPSULA CULTURAL" on pg. 75/76 and answered questions on pg. 76. Be ready to discuss  the important aspects of the leyend.

tarea: Translate story "La tienda de videojuegos" on pg. 94 , answer questions of actividad K and complete dialogue on pg. 97

viernes: No hay clases. Study question word song for next Friday


Week 11- 22 al 26 de octubre


lunes: Today we corrected the homework and start learning how to tell time in Spanish and we practiced interrogative song.

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tarea:  Read pg. 106 and write the time of clocks on pg. 106 and 107.

martes: Today we learned how to express time after the hour and before the hour, how to say a quarter to and a quarter after, half past the hour. Students wrote the times of clocks on pg.104 -109 and we corrrected them.

tarea: Act. A-C  pg. 110-112

miércoles: Today we reviewed time telling and practiced how to respond to "¿What time is it?" and "At what time?" as well as the use of in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

tarea: Study for L6 quiz: know how to tell time in Spanish and how to respond to what time is it and at what time as well as saying in the morning, afternoon or evening.

jueves: After L. 6 quiz, students did Act D and E on pg. 114-116 and Translated "¿Qué hora es?" conversation and answered questions of Act. F. If not finished in class it becomes homework.

tarea: Memorize question words song..

viernes: Today students presented the song and we went over the quiz.

tarea: Translate converstion on pg. 118 and complete dialogue on pg. 119

I will check that L6 unit is complete up to pg. 119 and neatly written in pencil.  Dialogue Pg. 118 and 117 needs to be transalated on a separate sheet of paper.

Time telling:


Week 12- del 29 de octubre al 2 de noviembre


lunes: Today we checked L6 activities and we started discussing L6 "cápsula cultural". Students need to memorize dialogue on pg. 118 by Thursday.

tarea:Do "Información personal and "practícalo" on pg.120 on a separate sheet of paper.

martes: Today we finished discussing L6 and L5 cápsulas culturales. We also watch a short video to learn about the day of the dead celebrations, holiday's symbols and traditions. 

tarea: Copy the vocabulary on L7 and watch the video on ER verbs and take notes

ER verbs :

miércoles: Today we started learning how to conjugate regular ER verbs in the present tense. We practiced the ER verb song.Students did Act. A- C pg. 119-123. After ,we watched two short videos on the day of the dead which talks about the origins of the day of the dead and its traditions, Mesoamerican beliefs and European influences.

tarea: memorize L6 (pg.118) dialogue and start studying the song for next Tuesday.

Enjoy trick-or-treating!


Day of the dead:

jueves: Students presented their dialogues and we looked at the conjugations of the verbs querer, saber and ver. Pg. 124 and 125.After we started watching the movie "Coco".

tarea: Study for the culture test : L4 and L6.

Do activities A-C for Monday pg. 126-127

viernes: Today we have our culture quiz .After we continued watching the movie "Coco"and students had to answer questions related to the movie.

tarea: Activities A -C  pg. 126-127 and # 4 pg. 128-129 due Monday.


Week 13 - del 5 al 9 de noviembre


lunes: We corrected activities on pg. 126-129 . We practiced the conjugation of querer, ver and saber and the ER verb song.Memorize song by Wednesday.

tarea: Act F,G and # 6 pg:132-134

martes: Today we corrected activities D- G and point # 6 (pg.130-134) . We practiced conjugation of  ER verbs and the song.

tarea: memorize song and translate "conversación pg. 137 and complete "diálogo" on pg.138

miércoles: Students presented ER verb song. Then,we reviewed L 7 vocabulary and verb conjugation for the quiz.

tarea: study for L7 quiz , vocabulary on pg.141 and everything in the unit: regular ER verb conjugation in the present tense. Watch out for the stem change in the verb "querer" e>ie in all the forms except nosotros and vosotros. Remember the conjugation of ver and ser in the yo form.

jueves: After L7 quiz students work on translating "Pepe y su perro"and answering questions of actividad I

tarea: Do información personal and practícalo on a separate sheet of paper pg. 139. I will collect Monday.

viernes: We reviewed L8 vocabulary ,went over cápsula cultural pg. 140 , continued with" Pepe y su perro "and answering questions of Act. I, and we watched  a few minutes of the movie "Coco".

tarea: Make illustrated flashcards of words on Pg. 161 for Tuesday.

Study diálogo pg.137

Extra credit: create a crosswrord with the vocabulary words or a quizlet


Week 14 - del  12 al 16 de noviembre

lunes: Students presented their skits (pg. 137) and they worked on pages 142- 152 from L8. We learned how to make adjectives feminin and plural.

tarea: flashcards are due tomorrow.

martes: Translate the skit on pg. 157. Practice for the skit on pg. 157. on Thursday. We corrected some activities on L8.

tarea: Act. G,H, I

miércoles: We corrected homework . Then in groups , students transalted the paragraph on "El Bosque de Chapultepec" on pg. 154 and answered the comprehension questions on Act J on page 155.

tarea:  Study for L8 skit

jueves: Today students presented their skits and we went over the paragraph and Act. J pg. 155 and Act.K

tarea: Información personal and practícalo pg. 159 Act.3. in a separate sheet of paper to be collected

viernes:  Viernes cultural :Today we continued watching the movie Coco.

Study vocabulary words (pg. 161) for quiz  November 29


Week 16 - del  26 al 30 de noviembre

lunes: We reviewed ER and AR verb conjugation.

tarea: Write 10 sentences with ER and AR verbs

martes: We reviewed how to make sentences plural , how to tell time, how to make adjectives plural and we practiced  the song" SER" . This is to be memorized by next Wednesday.

tarea: Write the conjugation of verb "SER" pg. 181 and copy vocabulary on pg. 193

SER song :

SER uses:

miércoles: We learned the conjugation of "SER" ,we reviewed L8 and Act. A, C, F,G H (164-172).

tarea: Study for L8 quiz

jueves: After L8 quiz today, we reviewed the uses of the verb SER and went over professions and trades in Spanish (pg. 175-178) ,we reviewed the SER conjugation (pg. 181) and practiced the song SER .

tarea: Actividad A pg 178- 179, the meaning under the sentences on pg. 182 and Actividad C (pg. 183-184)

viernes: We continued practicing the verb SER, professions and trades. We corrected Actividad A , C and the meaning of sentences on pg.182. We did Actividad B, D, and E. I handed out a sheet " Mi autobiografía". This project is due December 15th.

tarea: Translate dialogue on pg. 189 on a separate sheet of paper. (Write Spanish with English meaning) Dialogue is to be presented next Friday.

Start thinking about your autobiography.



lunes: We reviewed the verb "SER" conjugation, uses. We corrected homework and did exercises from the textbook (Pg. 185-187)

tarea: Translate dialogue pg. 189 . Write on a separate sheet of paper.

martes: Today we continued practicing the verb SER , uses of SER and ESTAR and professions and trades

tarea: memorize "Ser" song

SER song :

SER uses:

miércoles: Today students presented the Song "SER" and did some exercises to review SER and  proefessions and trades.

tarea: Study for L9 quiz

jueves: After the quiz , students answered questions of Información personal and practiced L9 skit with partners.

tarea: memorize skit

viernes: After skit presentation , students started working on their autobiographies.

tarea: no homework


Week 18 - del 10 al 14 de diciembre

lunes: Today we reviewed time telling and went over cápsula cultural and students finished with their autobiographies.

tarea: no homework

martes: Today we reviewed subject pronouns ,answering questions using AR and ER verbs in the present tense. We reviewed how to conjugate the verbs Saber, Querer and Ver and wrote sentences with querer + a noun and Querer + a verb.

tarea: no homework



miércoles: We went over accountable talk expressions in Spanish and translated common phrases to be used in the class.

tarea: no homework

jueves: We learned about the uses of SER and ESTAR

tarea: no homework

viernes: We practiced SER and ESTAR, looked at " cápsula cultural" and answered the reading related questions.

tarea: no homework


Week 19- del 17 al 21 de diciembre

lunes: We practiced the uses of SER and ESTAR, and learn about the present progressive .We also played  Kahoot with ER/AR verbs, Querer SER and ESTAR.

martes: We corrected some exercises ,translated the story on pg. and answered the questions about the reading.

tarea: study the uses of SER and ESTAR  and the present progressive.

miércoles: Students had L11 quiz.

tarea: No homework

jueves: We discussed some holiday customs and traditions.We watched a movie in Spanish .

Happy holidays! Enjoy the winter break!


We will have a Mariachi band coming to school........ January 15th  1:30-1:00 pm


Welcome back ! I hope you had a relaxing winter break!

Week 20- del 7 al 11 de enero

lunes: Today we reviewed subject pronouns, ER and AR verbs in the pesent tense,verbs SER and ESTAR and its uses.

tarea: Write 5 sentences with ER and AR verbs and 5 sentences with SER and ESTAR. Also complete the verb conjugation sheet . Do the conjugation of all the regular ER verbs and write the meaning of them.

martes: Today we practiced the uses of SER and ESTAR. Students practiced in class the conversation on pg.223, translated it and completed the dialogue on pg. 224. The skit should be memorized by Friday.

We also started looking at the present tense of -IR verbs (pg. 194-197) Act. A and B.

tarea: Answer the questions of " Para conversar en clase" on pg. 222 on a separate sheet of paper.

miércoles: We looked at some verbs with IRREGULAR YO forms such as: SALIR, DAR,PONER, SABER, TRAER and we compared all three kinds of verbs -AR,-ER, and -IR verbs in the present tense and did Act. C.

We practiced verb conjugation with white boards and games and looked at uses of SER and ESTAR

tarea: study for review quiz ER, AR verb, conjugation and uses of verbs SER and ESTAR

 Uses of  verb ESTAR:

Uses of verb SER:

IR verbs :

jueves: After the quiz, students practiced their dialoges.

tarea: memorize dialogue on pg. 223 and answer questions of "Información personal" on pg. 225 and "Practícalo" #1 or # 3 for Monday, January 14th.

viernes: Today students presented L11 skit . We did activities D,E, F (pg.200-203).

tarea: "Información personal" on pg. 225 and "Practícalo" #1 or # 3


Week 21- del 14 al 18 de enero

lunes: Today we corrected the review quiz. Then, we continued practicing IR verbs in the present tense, we reviewed the verbs with IRREGULAR YO forms such as: SALIR, DAR,PONER, SABER, TRAER . We looked at the verb SALIR followed by DE to mention the the place you are going out of. We corrected activities C,D and E (Pg.198-202)

tarea: Read and translate " Mucha comida "pg.204 and do activities G and H

martes: Today we corrected the homework , look at making statements ans questions with IR verbs and practiced and translated the "Conversación" pg. 207

tarea: Actividad I pg.206 and complete dialogue on pg.208

miércoles: We corrected Act. I (pg 206), Act. F on pg. 203 and did some pronunciation. We also reviewed IR verb conjugation for the quiz on Thursday.

tarea: study L10/L11 vocabulary and IR verb conjugation and meaning of verbs.

jueves: After the quiz , students practiced the dialogue on pg. 207 and answered questions on pg. 209 "Información personal and practícalo # 2  (pg. 209) in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper.

tarea: memorize dialogue on pg. 207 and finish  "Información personal " and "practícalo " # 2 on pg. 209

viernes: students presented their dialogues and after we read and translated the cultural sections of L8 (pg. 160- 161), L10 ( pg.210) and L11 (pg. 226) and answered the questions on pg.160, 211 and 227.

tarea: copy vocabulary L12 pg. 244 on notebooks.